Heart Lesson 2

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heart lesson 2.jpg

Heart Lesson 2


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in her heart are the words "I am not good enough. I am ashamed of myself. I don't deserve love. I am a victim. I am not worthy. I am weak." . . .

and then what she decided to do, was to take all of that pain & turn it into something different, "Tired of the negative voices, she kindly told them to SHUT UP! Then she stepped back into her beautiful life, vowing only to listen to her TRUTHS."

we all doubt ourselves. we all feel unworthy sometimes. we also get to decide whether we entertain those negative thoughts or start working on believing our truths. we are worthy. xo

-available in a 5x7" art card

-PLEASE NOTE: if buying for yourself & you don't need an envelope, please choose "WITHOUT envelope" (it will still come in a protective cello sleeve)

watermark does not appear on your art.

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