fighter / by Erica Kathleen

so, my second tattoo, "fighter", is on the inside of my left wrist. like my "freedom" tattoo, i wanted it where i could see it every day, to remind me who i am. i am a fighter. i am stubborn. i am determined. i do not give up. sometimes i find myself in a puddle on the kitchen floor, wanting, with every cell in my body, to just give up, cuz that would be easier than to keep fighting . . . but i don't. there is something in me, bigger than that, and every time, i get back up & i fight for what i believe in, even when all the cards are stacked against me.

i have fought many battles in my life. i've fought physical battles, emotional terrorist battles, court wars,  . . . so many.

but that's not what this tattoo is about. this tattoo isn't about another person or a circumstance. this tattoo is about me, my heart & my soul. this tattoo is to remind me to FIGHT for who i am, who i want to be, how i want to show up in this world, who i want my children to learn from. this tattoo is to remind me not to give up, give in, or become like the darkness that hurt me.

you see, when you have been hurt so very deeply, all sorts of things happen . . . pain, anger, HATE, hardness, bitterness, shutting down of your heart, lashing out . . . all things i have experienced. i think they are part of the dealing & healing processes, but it is soooo easy to get stuck there, to live there, to BECOME that. UGLY. and that is NOT who i choose to be.

so this tattoo reminds me, daily, of who i am. it reminds me to FIGHT to stay true to myself, to stay open, and to be love. 

it reminds me to fight against the voices that say, "not good enough", "broken", damaged" . . . all that shit.

it reminds be to get up, stop pouting, and fight to hear the Voices of Truth, the Voice of LOVE, the Voice of Spirit. 

"you ARE good enough. you are SO enough. it is UNBELIEVABLE how enough you are."

"You are NOT broken. DOn't you see? the parts you call 'broken' are the very parts where your light shines the brightest."

that's what my "fighter" stands for.

i'm curious. what do you fight for? tell me.



ps. Next week I am going to talk about what I have tattooed over my heart.

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