wild women sisterhood / by Erica Kathleen

This past weekend, I attended the Wild Women Symposium, in Provo, Utah. I went as a vendor, to sell my art, and while, yes, that did happen, there was SOOOO MUCH MORE. I wasn't planning on attending any of the classes, but once I met the instructors & some of the amazing women attending . . . well, I'm just going to show you what I wrote to all of these beautiful souls, after I got home . . . and show you the art that is overflowing out of my heart . . . (click on each photo to see the feather art in my shop) . . .

"hi! me again  just want to express HUGE gratitude & LOVE to Jennifer Stanchfield (aka sparklepants) for creating the safe space, turning the volume WAY THE FUCK UP & teaching us how to use the tools. I just blasted shamanic music, hands & knees on my mat, eyes closed, & moved, danced, connected with & called IN my sensual, wild, POWERFUL self. THANK YOU, sister.    and . . . I was so excited yesterday, that I forgot to share this at the closing circle, but, I really know that everything happened in divine right order. I only made it to 2 of the classes . . . the last 2 of the whole weekend. well, and Zumba, the night before. so... here's my "share", about my experiences, a day late . . . so, I have suffered chronic pain in my back for a long time. I USED TO walk like an old woman. I USED to move like an old woman. I USED to wince in pain everytime I got up or down. Then, by way of happenstance (& Krysta) I ended up in this room full of women in workout clothes?! no bra. no shoes. never done zumba, but there i was, lookin' at Jackie's adorable face & smile & enthusiasm & energy & I was like, "ok? let's DO THIS!" . . . HOLY SHIT!!! SOMUCHFUN!!! my back was cracking & clicking & making all sorts of old-lady noises . . . I looked at Krysta, "ummmmm MAYBE I shouldn't be doing this?!!!" . . . she smiled, the way she does, and says, "MAYBE you should?" HA! well, I did! I even learned how to TWERK! Aparrently, I can shake my ass something fierce! SOMUCHFUN!!! walked out of zumba . . . not limping, not holding my back . . . feeling AMAZING. I went to bed expecting to be in HUGE pain the next morning, NOPE! no pain. SO GOOD! . . .

Then Emily climbed on me & pushed me & pulled me & stretched me till i thought i would break . . . (thai massage) . . . I would do "OWWWW!", expecting her to back off . . . . um, no. she laughed, and waited for me to BREATHE, then she stretched me further. holy smokes. THEN, was Jennifer's class . . (embodying the dark goddess) . . . moving breaking pains open. MOVING. not stopping. MOVING. connecting. MOVING. . . . . oh my. then we partnered. my sweetLeanne, with nothing but LOVE . . . SAW me . . . and SHOWED me, without words (cuz Jennifer kept yelling, 'NO CHATTING!" haha) . . SHOWED me how powerful I am & SHOWED me the power in a group of women. She SHOWED me that I don't have to fly solo . . . that there is power in the circle. my brain EXPLODED! for real. it did. and my heart cracked wide open. . . .

so, right after, was Leanne's breath class  . . (breath circle) . . . shamanic music, breathing, breathing, breathing, (OHMYGOD! can we STOP breathing like this?!?!! NO.) . . . meditation. deep meditation. relaxing. alot of rocking my hips around. (that's where the pain was stuck) . . i couldnt lay still . . my hips wouldn't stop moving. breathing. it was all good & beautiful & nice & then ALLOFASUDDEN I get this HUGE message . . . my heart was disconnected. not broken. not weak. not loving less. but, completely DISCONNECTED from my body, like 2 separate entities . . & I have been living like this for a LONG time. (i'm a shitty eater. shitty at drinking water. just all around shitty at taking care of my human body). then the tears came. my heart hasn't felt safe in my body for so long, so it separated. my body has been in some pretty fucking terrifying places & had to deal with some pretty shitty stuff, so why WOULD my heart want to stay there? it wasn't safe, and so it left my body. so im laying on the mat, tears rolling, and then, because she knew, Leanne gently laid a blanket over me. i knew i was ok. more tears. then the moving stopped. a smile came to my face. my hands moved to my heart. and I quietly whispered, "it's safe now. come back." . . . and it did. 

 THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH Krysta, for taking my hand, Tonya & Suzanne for saying yes, Jackie for shaking your booty & my body, Emily for stretching me, Jennifer for rockin' my wild woman to the surface, Leanne for guiding me, and every single amazing woman that was there this weekend to step forward & make this circle. I love you, SO MUCH.  BIG, GIANT, HEARTtoHEART HUGS. xoxoxo, Erica"

I am forever changed by this past weekend. By the Sacred Circle of Wild Women that gathered & the work we did together. 



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