what matters? by Erica Kathleen

lately, I've been doing a LOT of simplifying, getting rid of, throwing away, giving away . . . and in that process, asking, does it matter?

what matters?

what's important?

what brings me joy?

and I've realized something pretty cool . . . just in my "physical" world . . . 

I started in my bedroom, in my closets & in my drawers, with my clothes.

Now, maybe it's just me, but I see metaphors EVERYWHERE. 

(Just keep that in the back of your mind as you read this ;)

I have found that I had a shit-ton of things that 

do NOT matter,

do NOT bring me joy,

are NOT important,

and, while I'm being honest, most of these things served as a distraction, or were just there to fill up empty space. 

And in the hours and days, box after box of 'stuff' to get rid of, I realize something pretty cool . . . I REEEEEEAAALLLLY dig the SPACE I am creating.

SPACE to breathe.

SPACE to move.

SPACE to grow.

SPACE to appreciate & honor the things that DO matter, now, today.

That beautiful skirt that I paid $45 for, that I used to love & wear, but has been hanging in my closet for 2 years & I will most likely never wear again . . .

Those German shoes that I paid over $100 for, but they are just not "me" anymore  . . .

The jeans that are so god damn cute, have been in my closet for years & I have NEVER worn . . .

SO many things.

So many pretty things.

So many pretty things that I never wear, never touch, never use.

In giving them away, and going back to my closet now, you know what I see?

I LOVE every piece of clothing hanging up.

I WEAR every item in my drawers.

I see ME, today ME, not ME from two years ago . . . ME, in the present moment.

In getting rid of the EXCESS, I have made room for right now.

I have gotten rid of yesterdays & tomorrows that may never come.

I have a little moment of "now".

That gives my heart a little bit of PEACE,

and I really dig peace.

what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

BTW, I've struggled with the too much "STUFF" syndrome for years. I've stressed & fretted & TRIED to get rid of it for years, to no avail. This summer, I picked up THIS little gem & it rocked my world & started me on my 'getting rid of all my shit' journey. I highly recommend it ;) 


Big Loves,


oh YES! In the spirit of 'getting rid of", I have put 41 of my print designs on CLEARANCE, most for $1. Go HERE & scroll down. All Clearance stuff is at the bottom.

What happened after I decided to clear out some old art? I made 2 new paintings! Huh. Go figure ;)