I LOVE Erica Kathleen’s line of women’s empowerment cards! They have quickly become a best seller in my store and the response from the women in my community is extraordinary. Finally a card that says what you really need to hear in those vulnerable and challenging moments in your life. Get one for a friend and one for yourself. Stick it on your bathroom mirror, memorize it, live it, breathe it, be it!! Blessed Be.
— Kaewyn Picard, owner Herbs & Arts, Denver, Colorado
I’ve never seen people connect with and relate to a line of cards like they do to Erica Kathleen Cards! They’re hands-down the coolest, edgiest and prettiest cards we carry (and we carry very many)! In terms of sales, she’s definitely in the top two!!! I absolutely recommend them on all levels!!!
— - Crystal Magic - Sedona, Arizona

art cards

All art cards are printed on thick, 100% Post-Consumer Waste, Premium Matte Recycled paper, come in a protective cello sleeve, with an envelope, and a mini empowerment card tucked in the back. They can be framed, given as a card with a love note on the back, or both!

meet the artist

“Erica, as a woman and through her art, is empowering and fights like hell for freedom and peace. She paints from her soul, unapologetically and beautifully. She is inspiring, daring, loving, vulnerable with a dash of wackiness and ethereal sparkle. Her heart is the canvas, and you can feel ALL of it right along with her as if her experiences and emotions were your own.”

— Brittany W., Phoenix, AZ.

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“Customers are always surprised and delighted when they come across our collection of Erica Kathleen cards - they have a hard time choosing just one. The collection is the perfect mix of feel-good for your soul, real-life messages, and artistic beauty. ”

— Got Beauty, Salt Lake City, Utah


The first time I saw these cards, I was drawn in by the beautiful colors in the artwork. Then the eyes of the women in the pictures locked into my soul. Once I read the powerful words these women spoke to me, I knew that not only was their pain real, but it was also mine and I knew I was not alone.
— Michelle B., Connecticut

"Erica and her art are both so beautiful and real! It was a pleasure to meet her and get a feeling for the wholehearted woman behind the brilliant colors & passionate images!"

-Martha H., Utah


It’s like love notes to all of our souls to remember our divinity and that we are pure love. Your art inspires love, joy, and compassion from within which is the most powerful, life changing feeling there is and the ripple effects for generations effects so many. 

-Aimee F., Nevada


"There is connection and fearlessness in your work. You speak and see the deepest feelings and then, when you paint, the honesty is raw and not glossed over. To me that is what draws me in." 

-Lynnette H., Colorado

Erica’s art inspires you to find your purpose, your heart, and reminds you that we are all one in the great dance of life. Not only are her images unique, colorful, and they deepen your soul to ponder the mysteries of the universe but her words strike a deep cord inside your body and connect you to the parts of yourself that you have forgotten and the parts that you need to recover in order to be whole.
— Suzanne W., California
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resistance t's here