NOURISHING TRADITIONS: this one is kinda like my bible & serves as the backbone from which everything else grows. . TONS of amazing nutritional info that just might blow your mind.







THE NOURISHED KITCHEN: All the recipes are based on the Nourishing Traditions principles. It is a GORGEOUS book, full of goodness & beauty.  Best water kefir recipe ;)




FROM SCRATCH: LOVE this girl! super sassy sweetheart. Recipes are EASY & all based on Nourishing Traditions.




CULTURED FOOD FOR LIFE: HOLY AWESOME! soooo much great info on fermented foods & what a health benefit they are. TONS of really great & easy recipes. This book had me jumping up & down excited about milk kefir, which has become a staple in my house ;) ps. the lady who wrote it is part of the Nourishing Traditions movement.




THE BLENDER GIRL: Awesome, why? 1) because this is a quick, easy way to get ALL the nutrients I need, easily, at once, 2) because if I just throw random shit in, sometimes it's all fruit (sugar) or it tastes like shit. I am becoming a fan of recipes, 3) Because I have a new blender, and 4) because I KNOW my kids are ingesting pure goodness when I serve them this stuff ;)




CRAZY SEXY DIET: why? because I'm struggling with my health & this awesome woman has gone through it . . . so, I pull strength & knowledge from her journey. xo




CRAZY SEXY KITCHEN: because, as stated above, in the blender book reasoning, when I throw a bunch of shit in a pot, without following a recipe, 9 times out of 10, it tastes like POO. aaaaand, as stated above, this lady HAS healed herself with food. 




THE AMAZING LIVER & GALLBLADDER FLUSH: because THIS BOOK saved me from having surgery. ER doc wanted to cut out my gallbladder. I passed. I bought this book. I have done the flush 4-5 times & have passed HUNDREDS of gallstones. NO FURTHER EXPLANATION NEEDED ;)



TIMELESS SECRETS TO HEALTH & REJUVENATION: because it's written by the same bad-ass dude who wrote the Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush. because he is Awesome, & because, obviously, I need to learn the RIGHT way to take care of my body, so gallstones don't keep forming, & so I can get healthy & STAY HEALTHY!





FOOD AS MEDICINE: because I am a student of food & life & health & I want to know everything I can.





MIND OVER MEDICINE: because, quite frankly, when you've been in pain, day after day after day . . . no matter how strong you are, it WEARS YOU DOWN. It is hard to have a positive attitude 24/7 when you feel like shit 22/7. so, I need a little (ALOT) of help in this department.





WAKING THE TIGER: because my amazing acupuncture dude recommended it. because pain & trauma (unconsciously) gets STUCK in our bodies . . . gallstones, back pain, HELLO! It's all OLD SHIT. You can work on the pain PHYSICALLY till you're blue in the face, but it will NOT go away, until you HEAL what caused it. Oy vey. This is where I am. RIGHT NOW.





because by doing these SIMPLE exercises, your body automatically releases stored trauma & stress. This book has truly been monumental in my healing process.

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