1. CALL OBAMA, by clicking HERE. Not sure what to say? Here's a few ideas . . .

          "It is your duty as President of the United States to protect your people. You must protect the safety of Native Americans and                their supporters who have gathered peacefully to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. Break your silence about the horrific                human rights violations happening & STOP IT. Use the time you have left in office to make a difference. Tell the U.S. Army                 Corps of Engineers to back off & Declare Standing Rock as a Federal Monument to permanently stop the DAPL."

2. Call & email the US Army Corps of Engineers HERE and HERE & tell them what's up.

3. Call you state senator HERE

4. PLEASE call the following agencies and demand that law enforcement stop violating the human rights of water protectors on Highway 1806 immediately?
     -North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple: 701-328-2200
     -Morton County Sheriff Department: 701-328-8118 and 701-667-3330
     -North Dakota National Guard: 701-333-2000
You can say, "I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all water protectors opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline. There is no room in a democracy to use water cannons, tear gas, or rubber bullets against peaceful, unarmed water protectors." I added, "This is UNACCEPTABLE & needs to STOP NOW!" Then SHARE & URGE your friends to do the SAME!

5. Sign Standing Rock's petition. President Obama: Thank you for temporarily halting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Now Stop it Permanently. SIGN HERE

6. Contribute Directly to Standing Rock. DONATE HERE

7. Tell President Obama to stop Donald Trump from deciding the future of Standing Rock’s water and stop the Dakota Access pipeline by rejecting the final permit for the project. SIGN THE PETITION HERE! 

8. Tell the U.S. Department of Justice: Stop the sexual humiliation of water protectors by Morton County police. SIGN the petition HERE & then SHARE & URGE your friends to do the same!

9. SIERRA CLUB PETITION. Take action: Stop the toxic Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline. SIGN HERE & SHARE.

10. Is your bank funding the pipeline? Find out HERE. If so, & you're horrified by what's happening, TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT, CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT & TELL THEM WHY! Which banks fund the pipeline, their names, contact info & what you can say when you call. If you're not banking at these banks, CALL THEM ANYWAY!! 

11. Donate to Sophia Wilansky, the activist who has been standing with water protectors at Standing Rock and was hit on the arm by a concussion grenade last night. She has been taken to Minnesota for surgery and is facing amputation. 

12. Donate to the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council HERE.

13. Support the legal defense of warriors protecting land, water, and human rights. HERE.

14.  If you live in an area where there are Phillips 66 gas stations, they are in on the pipeline . . . call, write, email, protest . . . let them know that they have lost your business & WHY. Here's their article & HERE'S their contact info.